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​​​Teen Court 

Real Kids. Real Cases. Real Opportunities.

Teen Court is a diversion program designed to provide first-time offending youth an opportunity to be held accountable in a court setting by a jury of their peers, while empowering those volunteers to model acceptable juvenile behavior in their community. Teen Court aims to allow youth to learn from their mistakes without jeopardizing their future. If a youth successfully completes the Teen Court program and does not re-offend, their offense committed will not be on their record.
 Jury members deliberate at a Teen Court Hearing

 Cases are referred to Huntington Teen Court from the Probation Department, the Huntington County Community School Corporation, or directly from the Huntington Police Department.

 Defendants must plead guilty to offenses such as conversion, theft, criminal mischief, battery, disorderly conduct, and minor in possession of alcohol.

 Constructive (rehabilitative) sentences include any combination of community service, restituation, apologies to both victims and parents, written essays, interviews with community members, life skills or anger management classes, and future service on the Teen Court jury.

Court hearings are typically on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Hearings are held at the courthouse at 6:00 PM.

Want to volunteer? Volunteers are 12 to 18 years of age. Teen Court volunteers hear actual cases and sit in as jury members, defense attorney, and prosecuting attorney. Volunteers begin on the jury until they feel comfortable with the court proceedings. At that point, volunteers may begin taking cases as either a prosecuting attorney or a defense attorney. If you would like more information on how to volunteer, please email Tamie Morrison at

 All new volunteers MUST complete a Teen Court application before participating. Click Youth Volunteer Application.docx to print the Teen Court application!