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Safe Place (In Huntington and Wabash Counties)

24/7 Crisis Intervention

Safe Place is a crisis intervention program for children and families. Youth may enter any building with a Safe Place logo and trained staff will contact YSB for assistance. There is also a Safe Place crisis phone that youth may contact if a Safe Place site is not available.

Host Home.svg

Host Home (In Huntington and Wabash Counties)

Families helping Families

Volunteer families open their homes to youth who need to take a break from their normal family   environment. The goal of the Host Home program is to open doors of communication and         provide a "cooling off" period until ongoing services can be put in place to benefit the family.

​​Suicide Prevention​Suicide Prevention.svg
Get Educated​​

Provides training and information on helping those at risk of suicide. This program is designed to train our community to be alert to the signs of those with suicidal thoughts and to be able to intervene and help those at risk of suicide.

Teen Court

Early Intervention

Teen Court is a juvenile crime diversion program that gives first time offending youth the opporuntity to be held accountable by a jury of their peers. An Adult judge presides over the hearings, while youth volunteers sit in as jury members to decide appropriate sentences for juvenile offenders that are referred to Teen Court.

On Your Way Up

Free! And Easy to use!

This service is designed to provide young parents with children from infants to 5 years old with the items they need for their families. Items include baby safety items, car seats, diapers, clothing, blankets, shoes, books, and lots of other items. Most items are gently used, however, the store does have some new items as well.

Conflict Mediation


Conflict Mediation Provides a safe environment for individuals to work through conflict in a respectful manner. Mediators are available to help conversations move along in a non threatening way. All parties work together in order to come to an agreement to help resolve the conflict at hand.

Empowering​​​​ Parents 

If only children came with a manual!

Empowering parents consists of two series of classes designed to educate, support, and encourage families. In addition, issue-specific classes are being added, such as Communication and Developmental Milestones. Many more topics are on the way.


Students Out of School

S.O.S. is designed to meet the needs of suspended or expelled students who are middle school or high school level. Students will have a chance to continue to do their homework and receive grades as we partner closely with the school. There is also time set aside to work with the students on life skills so they can return to school and ​be more successful.

Skills For Life

Surviving Life Together

Skills for Life is an 8 week series with two hour sessions for youth ages 13 to 18.The program is designed to help youth develop necessary life skills to be successful as they maneuver their way to adulthood. They will learn effective communication skills, how to positively deal with conflict and anger, reduce stress in their lives, and much more!

Tools For Life

School Supplies
The tools for life program helps decrease the financial burden of a new school year by supplying families with basic school supplies in order to start the school year off right!

Anger.svgAnger Management

Learn to Cope

​Anger Management is open to any youth ages 13 to 18. The program supports young people with information about dealing with conflict, recognizing signs and triggers of anger, self-esteem, coping skills, and redirection. The class provides youth with information and support to help them maneuver through life. Anger Management is an ongoing series, based on teacher evaluation and meets weekly with sessions lasting an hour and a half. 

​                 ​Network For Safe Families​

NSF.svgShort-Term Support

The Network for Safe Families program offers parents help with situations that are interfering with their ability to manage their families. The goal of the Network is to provide parents with in-home, one-on-one services that help them solve the problems affecting their families.

frodoxv_Family.svgFoster Parent Support​

 Training Parents to Thrive

Foster Parent Support provides those with foster kids a chance to attend trainings and gain more   skills and knowledge in foster parenting. There are often ups and downs in the transition of             fostering and these trainings give parents the ability to learn new and different techniques to try in their home. 

**Other Programs include: Supervised Visits, Foster Parent Support, Home Studies, Home Based Services for Probation and DCS, Community Outreach, Youth Advocacy, and Information and Referral. **