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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a youth need a Host Home?  There are several reasons why a youth may need a Host Home. Some frequent reasons why Host Homes are used include:

- a child has been kicked out of the house

- there is conflict in the home and the child and parent need a cooling down period

- the family has insufficient housing (electricity has been turned off, no food to feed the child, homelessness,etc)

- health issues with a parent and they don't have anyone else to watch their child

- mental health concerns with the parent

As a Host Home family, would I be taking in a child who could be harmful?  No! We evaluate each case and never put a child in a Host Home if we believe they will be harmful to themselves or someone else. We also never put a child in a Host Home if they have a history of violence or theft. Our number one priority is the safety of the family he/she is being placed with as well as that child who is being placed. Some of the youth who are placed are having problems at home or are on Probation, but this does not mean that they are a bad or harmful child. Most of these children are good kids who are in a difficult situation and need some additional help.

What is the age range of a child who may need a Host Home?  We accept youth ages 5 to 18 to be in the Host Home program. A Host Home family always has the option of selecting which ages they would be willing to take in. If the family has a gender preference because of family structure we work around that as well. A Host Home family always has the option of not taking a child at a certain time for any reason. We always work around the Host Home's schedule and availability. 

What would the Host Home be responsible for?  As a Host Home the first priority is to give the child a safe place to stay with a warm bed and food.  A Host Home insures that the child is making it to school and any other appointments they may need to make while they are in the Host Home's care. The Host Home coordinator at the Youth Services Bureau will also help you fulfill that requirement if need be. Lastly, the Host Home get to be there with the child, be a listening ear if the child chooses to open up, and show them what it is like to live in a structured home with responsible and respectful adults.

How long would the child stay in the Host Home?  A Host Home stay can be anywhere from 1 to 14 days depending on the situation. The maximum stay for a child in a Host Home is 14 days; after two weeks we will then try other resources. While the child is in the home this allows us at the Youth Services Bureau to work with the family and get other services in place for them. This will insure that when the child returns home it will be a more stable and safe environment for them.


***We are in need of families to volunteer to be a Host Home for a child in need. Please consider this exciting opportunity to make a difference in a child's life. If you decide you are interested, please contact Ryan Beeching for more information by phone: (260) 356-9681 OR email:​.