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​Conflict Mediation

  The Mediation Process

  1. ​​Referral- You contact us about a situation that needs mediating
  2. Intake- We contact you to arrange a time and place for mediation, and to gather necessary information
  3. Mediation- Mediators meet with you in a neutral and safe location to engage in careful and respectful conversation, with the aim of resolving conflict
  4. Agreement- If the mediation goes well, an agreement will be established that is agreeable to all parties
  5. ​Confidentiality- To ensure your freedom to say everything that needs to be said during a mediation, all parties agree to maintain strict confidentiality 
  6. Follow up- We will contact you two weeks after an agreement is reached, to make sure all parties are following the agreement, or if perhaps an additional mediation may be helpful ​

  Benefits of Mediation

  • ​​Help others understand you
  • Help you understand them
  • Generate new ideas and perspectives
  • Help seek agreement, not blame or revenge
  • Keep the focus on the future, not the past
  • Encourage solutions where everyone wins
  • Provide a safe environment
  • Facilitate a respectful conversation about ways to resolve a disagreement in a way that is fair to everyone involved

***If you would like to schedule a mediation please call our office and we can set up a time. Mediation can be held on site (where you are located at the time) or at the Youth Services Bureau depending on the circumstances.